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Welcome to Tap Into Calm

My name is Sharon Douglas and I am an EFT Practitioner and Holistic therapist.

Sometimes, life can be hard.  If you have landed here, then no doubt something is up. Is there something you want to be different about you or your life?
The way you think?
The way you feel?
The way you behave?
The state of your health?

If you are experiencing the likes of chronic fatigue syndrome, low energy and mood problems, anxiety, depression, weight and body image problems, stress, chronic and degenerative health conditions, relationship challenges (including with yourself), addictions or simply having a life that is very much out of balance.   If you are affected by fears, phobias, memories of past traumatic experiences, unresolved grief  – then us spending some time together (whether in person or via the internet) will definitely be of help.  I have been where you are and I can offer you hope.

You may benefit from a practical session like Tapping (EFT) or Reflexology.  Sometimes a coaching conversation to explore and deepen your understanding of the issue and get a new perspective, is the most helpful approach.

Together we can:

  • Get clear about exactly what the problem is
  • Get clear about what it is you really want instead
  • Using gentle techniques and a deeper understanding of how life works to
  • release the emotional blocks preventing you from moving past the problems and into your desired future
  • Support you and teach you practical tools to support yourself, as you make the necessary changes that you desire and which are right for you
The word Calm

My greatest wish is for every human being to touch the deep, core place of calm that is within and for us to spend more of our lives living from that space.   I can work with you, using these gentle but very effective methods:
EFT, Integrated Energy Techniques and Reflexology.  This will enable you to let go of what is in the way, get in touch with that calm place and begin to live the life you truly desire, living out your purpose and experiencing love and fun along the way.

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