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About Me

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For so many years I was searching, for the answers to so many questions – about why my health wasn’t what it should be, why I struggled with my emotions, why my weight would go up and down and up again, why I lacked confidence and so on.

The more I asked the question ‘Why?’ – the more my creative mind came up with answers.  More and more issues, that seemed to need to be dealt with………… So many things that I needed to fix, change, do differently and better.  It was exhausting!

I am relieved to say that I am no longer searching.  During my seeking, I came across some really helpful ways to feel better, reduce and even eradicate some of the unwanted ‘conditions’ in my life.  Techniques and approaches to health and wellbeing such as the energy techniques which I now practice, both for myself and others.  You will find pages on my website giving a description of each of these.

I am a firm believer that western medicine does not hold the answers to all our ailments– although it is life saving and critical in many situations, such as trauma and acute infection.  I also believe in looking at the deeper cause of what ails us, rather than simply reaching for a treatment to mask the symptoms.

I have trained in the modalities that I found most useful and there’s every possibility that you will find them helpful too.

I have listed below, the training I have completed and the qualifications that I have attained.  Just as important as all of these I would say, is my overall approach and manner of working with people which is naturally unique, as a result of my experiences and character.

The only way to know whether we would work well together and how I can be of service, is to have a conversation.  Please feel free to contact me, to arrange a chat, with no obligation to take things any further.  Or if you prefer, drop me an email.  Even if you have no clue about what you need nor any clarity about what the problem even is.   I know you can feel better.

I love what I do – the satisfaction of seeing people release long held beliefs, and misunderstandings about life and themselves and going forward with the freedom to live the life they desire, is priceless!


Advanced accredited EFT Practitioner, Level 3
Diploma in Reflexology (IFR)
Reiki and Seichem Master
Diploma in Integrated Energy Techniques
Diploma in Neurolinguistic Programming (ABNLP)
Diploma of the College of Occupational Therapists (Dip.COT)
Nutrition Adviser

Professional Memberships:

IFR (International Federation of Reflexologists)
EFT International (Emotional Freedom Technique)